Moonstone Beach and Leffingwell’s Landing: Immediately across the street from Captain’s Cove, enjoy Moonstone Beach. Walk along the boardwalk on the bluff above the crashing waves. Wander the beach to find vast driftwood piles or dig for moonstones. Watch the sea otters, seals, pelicans and other sea birds. Explore the rocky tide pools. At the north end of the beach, find Leffingwell's Landing, where sailing ships docked a hundred years ago.

Cambria’s East and West Village: Cambria’s two "villages" are clusters of unique shops and restaurants. East Village is centered at the intersection of Main Street and Burton Drive. Enjoy the historic buildings along Burton Drive that now house unique art galleries, shops and tasty restaurants. West Village is located on Main Street between Windsor Drive and Cambria Road. Many restaurants, unique shops and the Pewter Plough Playhouse fill this charming village.

Gift Shops and Art Galleries: Cambria offers a vibrant collection of art galleries and one-of-a-kind shopping. It is easy to spend a day leisurely browsing the unique shops of East and West Village. Click here to access the Cambria Chamber of Commerce shopping directory.

Dining: Dine in some of California's finest restaurants. Click here to see a Dining Guide.

Population: Estimated 6,500
Elevation: Sea level to 200 feet
Area of Town: About 3 square miles.
Climate: Mild - no smog, clear blue skies, some seasonal fog, ocean breeze.
50 – 70 degrees year-round
Normal rainfall: 20" to 25" a year
Industry: Tourism, griculture, light industry